Our Solution

We are developping a diagnostic kit for concrete structures.

For cost reasons, the contractors need to optimize the construction phases while ensuring the reliability of the structure.

The quality requirements are getting stronger and stronger  and the maintenance must be cost effective.

Our goal is to provide a low cost on-line monitoring system for assessing the concrete quality from very early age, and to very long term.

Assistance for construction phase

Our aim is to help the contractors at preventing appearance of cracks during the construction phase

Long Term Monitoring System

Our aim is to help the infrastructure operators
to ensure the reliability of the structure while optimizing the cost.

The system consists in ultrasonic measurements based on low-cost embedded piezoelectric transducers.

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In a nutchell, the system relies on an emitter and a receiver. An ultrasonic wave is generated by the emitter and is caught by the receiver.

TweetCon is situated at the crossroads of the state-of-the-art of monitoring methods, set it all with one single monitoring system.

See the main advantages compared to external transducers
In-Situ Monitoring from very early age

even in presence of formworks

An enhanced coupling with the concrete

which allows for stronger waves  generation over longer paths

Measurements in unaccessible locations

when the structure is is service,
underwater or in hazardous and dangerous places

No on-site operator required

which allows for the automotion and a better reproducibility
of the measurements

Transducers embedded in the structure

which allows for a better integration in the overal design and better protection of the  transducers
from environmental and accidental attacks.

Compare TweetCon to other technologies

Our goal is to increase the structures lifetime and the efficiency of the maintenance programs.

Efficiency Improved

Safety Ensured

Cost Reduced

Our solution can used in different types of application .

Construction Phase

Long Term Monitoring

Unaccessible Places